#2 REVIEW panique automatique: Jim Allford

VANDERMEER is a shoegaze/pop indie band that hails from Trier (…).
ONLY TWO HEARTS starts out this CD with amazing vocals and harmonies. The guitar riffs are fast and furious as they pound this song into your head. The melody is excellent and will stay in your head. YES! MISTER will give you a dose of DEVO meets THE MOTORS with female vocals. A great ‘punk’ song that will have you raving all about. Check this song out. ARISE has a great laid back intro.The band goes back and forth between being mellow and being in your face. They, definitely, play loud and proud. Once again, showcasing amazing vocals. WHO’S EVER LEFT WILL FALL IN LOVE has a solid beat and has all the hooks at all the right places. There is no doubt, this could easily become a TOP 40 song. I’m really into this song. CAN’T WE is quite different as it has a choppy beat as it progresses in a merry go around like. This is a must to hear. NINE HITS bring this CD to a end. The melody is great as the vocals are as strong as ever. The CD couldn’t end with a better song. The progressive rock fans will love this one. Once you’ll hear this band. you’ll fall in love with them. Very impressive, to say the least. You can find band at: BANDCAMP. www.thisisvandermeer.com, Polygraph and You Tube. PLEASE check out this band. I want to give a BIG THANKS to KAI FLORIAN BECKER for giving me the opportunity to review this band. Also, a great job by all the band members and all those involved. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD [www.steelnotesmagazine.com]