What a weekend! Thanks to everyone for the amazing release parties. We’re still overwhelmed that you guys embraced Grand Bruit so lovingly. Especially big thanks to @barhillrecords and the wonderful Kai Florian Becker for the fantastic collaboration, to @evatausch for the breathtaking artwork, to @mavenband, @cyclorama and @wolfprayer for the great support, the @schalanderkusel, the @mjcmergenerhof and @studio30 for the possibility to realize our shows there in such a way, a thousand thanks to @tino_mit_n_wie_norbert for the insanely good sound, @MaxSchmitt for the awesome light show in Trier and @SebastianBiewer in Saarbrücken, @initiativemusik and @poprlp for your funding, the wonderful audience for coming in such large numbers and celebrating the new album with us, and especially our friends and families who made the record possible in the first place through childcare, good encouragement, lots of patience and constant feedback. We’re still very touched and celebrating a bit longer – it’s such a shame that the weekend is already over – but we’re already looking forward to the new gigs next year and hope to see you all again there!

Many thanks to Fabian Schoensiegel for the fantastic photo! If you have any more pics, feel free to share them with us! Feel free to post them in the comments. Click here to visit Fabian’s gallery.

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