#Happy #ReleaseDay! #OutNow

Today „panique automatique“ (LP, CD, digital) is released by Barhill Records and distributed by Cargo Records Germany! You can find the record at all usual suspects, in the label shop at Barhill Records, iTunes Store, Spotify and, and, and … and of course at our concerts!

At the same time we would like to thank a few people from the bottom of our hearts, without whose amazing support neither this video nor the record would have been possible: Anne Lena Philippi and Anke, Kai Florian Becker from Barhill Records, Teresa Habild from Habild Cartoons, Marcel Sude, Roy Recklies from Monoposto Mastering GmbH, Christian Klees, Jimi Berlins and Musiknetzwerk Trier, Eva Tausch, Daniel Selbersuess, Boris from bobostudios, Exhaus / Trier 

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