Ahoi! Et voilà: new single, new video.
With „Più Più“ the second single from „Grand Bruit“, the third album of vandermeer, is released: A brute indie rock number with shoegaze elements that oscillates between major and minor. „Più Più“ surprises with a hard-hitting reality check against any traditional form. It literally thrashes at the listener and mirrors in the lyrics the constant overload, the always demanding „EVERYTHING MUST“ situation, while you are chasing time. Always giving one hundred percent, and yet not being able to finish. Always more and more – Più Più! Always wanting to have a say, without having the time to spend more than five minutes on a topic – and that with the permanent social media information overkill. Could it be that we got lost? Absolutely! Failed – in rage – looking for the only safe place while the facade collapses, and you lose your grip. And while listening and singing along, one almost wants to say: don’t forget to breathe! The alternative rock/new wave quartet releases „Grand Bruit“ on 09.12.2022 via Barhill Records/Cargo Records as 2LP/CD and digitally.
Music & lyrics: vandermeer
Catalogue: BHR045S2
Publisher: Edition Barhill Records / Mmp mute music publishing E.K.
Excerpts of Vladimir Kobrin’s movie “Self-organisation of biological systems p1″ (1989). Vladimir Kobrin – a film-maker, who started in popular-scientific documentary and then turned didactic cinema into consistent philosophical treatise about the world and the place of man in it. Editor: Florian P. Stiefel Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.